Updates and announcements from the manufacturing arena

New distributor for UK
Automation expert Novotek UK and Ireland has been awarded licensing rights for Auvesy, the global market leader for data management systems. As one of only two UK distributors, Novotek will be offering companies the chance to implement Auvesy’s Versiondog system, specifically developed for industrial automation.

“Versiondog will complement our strong portfolio of automation software,” explained George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland. “The software has been incredibly popular with Novotek customers, so it made sense to expand its reach to distribute in the UK and Ireland markets. It can be integrated for use with PLCs, CNCs, SCADAs, HMIs, robots and field devices, so Novotek can provide a fully-integrated solution.”

The Versiondog software package equips users with comprehensive support for centralised data management and device backup. Its change management software safeguards data and can be used for data recovery. It compares functions to monitor data, track and store changes. The synchronisation of plant systems and Versiondog software allows for company-wide visibility, greater control and adherence to technical standards.

The software solution helps plant managers to save time and money, ensure consistent quality and quickly modify production processes for product variations. These are important considerations in volatile markets.

Make a move
Number one designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, customer-engineered towing and trailering equipment, Horizon Global, has utilised MBA Transport to deliver and install a machine from the UK to its manufacturing site in France.

For this latest project, MBA Transport assisted with the entire machine move; after collecting the machinery in the UK, the MBA team then unloaded the equipment at its facility in Wetherby, where it was securely stored prior to the move to France.

Following approval from Horizon Global, the MBA Transport team then prepared for the delivery of the CO2 laser cutting system. Utilising its DAF CF 460, flatbed 32-rigid truck, MBA Transport was able to transport the machinery across Europe, before installing it at Horizon Global’s manufacturing site in France.

After the transportation of the CO2 laser cutting system, MBA Transport dedicated a week to installing the laser on-site. The team constructed and assembled the necessary equipment to get the machine up-and-running ready for its first commission.

Bradley McBain, managing director of MBA Transport, said: “Our mission at MBA Transport is to be able to assist our clients with the moves of machinery in any way possible. When Horizon Global came to us requiring an international move of its CO2 machine, we knew that we would be able to help not only transport the equipment, but also assist with reinstalling it.

Pioneering protection
One of the UK’s leading utility protection manufacturers has launched a solution to put damage prevention projects on the fast-track. Developed and manufactured by Centriforce, the all-new Stokbord Drum is set to transform the installation process of Stokbord Cover across the sector, providing a faster and safer solution. Under the new initiative, Stokbord Cover can now be supplied on a reel, enabling the product to be rolled across a large area with minimal intervention, instead of laying individual one metre covers.

Jonathan Pearce, Head of Sales at Centriforce, said: “Working collaboratively with our customers, we recognised that the amount of time spent in the trench was a rising concern. As a result, the new Stokbord Drum system has been created to deliver a mechanical rather than manual installation, keeping operatives safer and at the same time significantly speeding up the process.

“It reduces the manual labour involved and creates a lower risk environment as operatives spend less time in the trench.”


Brand restructure
The Rolls-Royce Power Systems business unit, with its core brand MTU, will present itself more clearly in future as an integral part of the British Rolls-Royce engineering group. “The new brand architecture will provide clarity and improve the recognition of our company and its products,” said Andreas Schell, CEO Rolls-Royce Power Systems. “Our new profile is a clear commitment to Rolls-Royce, as its second largest business unit. By the same token, Rolls-Royce is committed to our MTU brand, which is something we are proud of,” Schell added.

A new brand architecture is currently evolving, which will be visibly implemented as of autumn with the launch of the new MTU website. The new, clear brand structure will support the PS 2030 strategy of the Power Systems business unit and the global growth path. Rolls-Royce will be the corporate brand and the employer brand. Consequently, the companies within the business unit that include MTU in their names will be given a new designation. MTU, as the brand name customers are familiar with, will continue to be used to identify the company’s products and solutions. The current MTU Onsite Energy brand for decentralised power supply systems will be integrated into MTU.

One of the first visible steps to be taken will be the renaming of four operating companies, which manufacture products and solutions: MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH will thus become Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH in autumn 2019. This will be followed by MTU America Inc., which in future will operate as Rolls-Royce Solutions America Inc. Today’s MTU Onsite Energy GmbH in Augsburg will become Rolls-Royce Solutions Augsburg GmbH and MTU Onsite Energy Systems GmbH in Ruhstorf will be renamed Rolls-Royce Solutions Ruhstorf GmbH. The remaining subsidiaries will successively be given new designations based on the above examples. The products of Bergen Engines will also be part of the new brand architecture.

Reseller status
Laser Lines has become an exclusive UK reseller of SISMA’s laser welding systems, suitable for customers in industrial and the mould tool repair markets requiring manual, semi-manual and automatic systems. “We are delighted to be working with SISMA. With its offerings in laser welding, SISMA has an extremely comprehensive range of solutions including automated and programmable systems for the more demanding welding applications of modern industry,” said Chris Ogden, Manager of the Industrial & Scientific Laser Division at Laser Lines.

SISMA offers both entry level systems for one-off welding applications, often used in the dental and jewellery industries, as well as more complex systems which include advanced movement and programmable welding path features, that can incorporate robotics. SISMA’s technology and products are recognised as being exceptional for users who are working on mould tool repair and those interested in an alternative method of manufacturing. Laser Lines will be selling systems based around both lamp-pumped and fibre laser technologies.


Centre for innovation
HP Inc. has opened the doors to its new 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Barcelona, Spain, one of the world’s largest and most advanced research and development facilities for the next-generation technologies powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The new Centre brings together hundreds of the world’s leading additive manufacturing experts in more than 150,000 square feet of cutting-edge innovation space – about the size of three football fields – to transform the way the world designs and manufactures.

Specifically designed for active collaboration across HP engineering and R&D groups, customers, and partners, the new facility integrates flexible and interactive layouts, co-development environments, and fleets of the latest HP plastics and metals 3D production systems to drive more rapid and agile product development and end-to-end solutions for customers. Leaders such as BASF, GKN Metallurgy, Siemens, Volkswagen and others across the automotive, industrial, healthcare, and consumer goods sectors will continue collaborating with HP on new 3D printing and digital manufacturing innovations at the Centre.

From weeks to hours
Briggs Automotive Company (BAC), the British manufacturer of the Mono R, and 3D printing leader, Stratasys, have revealed the impact additive manufacturing is having on the design and production of the latest addition to the BAC elite supercar offering.

The Mono R is BAC’s most complexly designed car to date, and it brought a number of significant challenges, including the design and testing of its air intake. Essential for the car’s cooling and on-road performance, the airbox has an extremely complex and unique geometry, with the final part needing to be produced entirely in carbon fibre. The final design of the airbox required expensive tooling, and the carbon fibre production process proved labour-intensive. It quickly became apparent to the design team that creating a prototype using traditional machining was simply unfeasible.

The team at BAC turned to additive manufacturing as the solution and sought the help of Stratasys and its UK platinum partner, Tri Tech 3D. Using the Stratasys F900 Production 3D Printer the team produced the airbox in just a few hours.

However, it was not just turnaround times that the team had to consider. With temperatures expected to surpass 100 degrees, any prototype produced needed to withstand intense conditions during test drives. Thanks to the engineering-grade materials accessible on the Stratasys F900, the team were able to produce the prototype in Stratasys’ Nylon 12CF material, which offered the design team the chance to test the prototype in as close a material as possible to the real thing.

The geometry of the airbox was also complex – and incredibly large. The freedom of design offered by Stratasys’ industrial 3D printers meant that BAC was able to tweak the design and not worry that the final 3D printed version wouldn’t match the exact size or geometry it needed.

Today, the team at BAC has shifted its mindset to design with additive manufacturing in mind.