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April 2019 witnessed the arrival of the Pakistan International Auto Show (PAPS) at the prestigious Expo Centre, in Karachi, Pakistan

Sponsored by some of the world’s foremost auto manufacturers, including Toyota, Suzuki and Honda, as well as other organisations such as Tradekey, PAPS 2019 offered visitors the opportunity to visit huge displays, discover every conceivable automotive product and service available to current and future vehicle owners, and learn from seminars presented by industry experts and take part in conference sessions.

The largest gathering of leading auto parts suppliers and auto service providers in the country, the three-day event was organised by The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) and brought the whole motoring spectrum together to witness all the latest trends, advancements and technology in the car sector.

The perfect venue to meet potential buyers and significant players within the car industry, PAPS gave exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to widen their network, get an overall view of the global automotive industry and appreciate the position Pakistan holds as an important participant in the market.

The status that Pakistan has achieved as a significant contributor to the global automotive sector is promoted and marketed by PAAPAM, which was established in 1988 and recognised by the Government of Pakistan in 1992. The Association represents the auto parts manufacturing sector with an estimated industrial base of over 2800 units spread all over Pakistan, and a registered membership base in excess of 350. The Association’s objectives include safeguarding interests of parts manufacturers in national automotive policies, as well as providing other membership services such as directory printing and the research and development of auto specific data.

Participating at international exhibitions and the management of Pakistan Auto Shows on an annual basis are also important components of PAAPAM’s activities – with an estimated Rs 370 billion invested in the segment, the automotive industry in Pakistan provides direct employment to over 500,000 staff and indirectly supports over 2.4 million people.

The CEO of the PAPS Auto Show, Mashood Khan, pointed out that PAAPAM has always played a pivotal role in providing business and growth opportunities to the auto engineering industry as a whole. “PAAPAM has established a substantive business generation model for everyone including PAAPAM members,” he said. “Thanks to PAPAAM’s hard work, PAPS 2019 was a brilliant resource for members, as well as for all the representatives of allied industries, such as forgings, castings, rubber, plastic and sheet metal components. This year’s show attracted more than 200 exhibitors and a significant number of visitors, ranging from parts manufacturers, component suppliers, and auto lovers to affluent auto mobile buyers, who were all keen to view the latest models from the world’s leading automakers in the motorcycle, three-wheeler, car, tractor, truck and bus sectors.”

One of the key themes of 2019’s PAPS was to encourage working more closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and as Mashood explained, this strategy was based on the aim of accelerating growth among Pakistan’s manufacturers of auto-parts. “Not only this, we hope to be assisted by these OEMs in increasing our quality and in the production of auto-parts, so we can stand toe-to-toe with some of the world’s leading exporters of these types of products,” added Mashood.

In addition to covering the full range of drive, chassis, body, electrics and electronic motor vehicle parts and components, exhibitors at PAPS 2019 also showcased equipment for vehicle service and bodywork repair, painting, tyres and batteries. It also introduced the automotive market’s most recent technology, services and solutions.

This combination provided excellent opportunities for leading brands, automotive accessories, spare parts companies, and after-sales service providers to expand their sales network and strengthen their presence in what is becoming a very significant market. “2019 will be a year of immense competition and it is imperative that we set out our plan to move ahead with the numerous possibilities that will come our way,” Mashood emphasised. “Additionally, we should also strive towards improving ourselves and bring the government onboard with plans for improving the auto-part industry, and regularly hold meetings with them as per the recently introduced Auto Policy.”

Pakistan has established itself as one of the top 40 automobile manufacturing nations in the world, and PAAPAM believes that it has the potential to offer tremendous opportunities in the field of vehicle manufacturing. The vehicles being produced in Pakistan have a significantly high content of local parts, but to achieve its full potential, the industry needs stable government policies, controls on the import of used vehicles and the encouragement of long term investments with the objective to maintain localised production in Pakistan.

With the expectation that several new entrants including Hyundai, KIA and Renault, will set up their plants in the country and become operational by 2020, next year’s PAPS promises to be an exceptional show – Muhammad Ashraf Shaikh, Chairman, PAAPAM, believes it could become ‘the biggest expo in Pakistan’. Taking place from the 21-23 Feb 2020 at the prestigious Lahore International Expo Centre, planning for the Pakistan International Auto Show 2020 is already well underway. “We welcome the new Show with open arms and hope that it brings with it great new opportunities and increased enthusiasm amongst us all to grow, succeed, and work towards the betterment of our beloved country,” concluded Mashood.

Pakistan Auto Show 2019
12-14th April, 2019
Expo Centre, Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan Auto Show 2020
21-23 Feb, 2020
Lahore International Expo Centre, Pakistan