Thousands of advanced ceramics and technical glass suppliers and buyers will take over the Telford International Centre for two days this July, presenting the latest industry innovations to the ever-expanding UK ceramic community

Just under an hour’s drive from the city of Stoke-on-Trent, known as the heart of UK ceramics, is the Telford International Centre – a modern business venue that will host this year’s Ceramics UK exhibition. The free-to-attend event that will be held on the 10th and the 11th July will showcase the historical development, as well as the currently growing importance of the country’s ceramics industry, celebrating its legacy and identifying the prospects ahead of it.

Thinking about it, there is no better place to hold an exhibition of this kind than the West Midlands. The region has become a strategically important area when it comes to the development of the ceramics sector, with UK Parliamentary initiatives being launched to build a £1 billion industry in Stoke-on-Trent through the Ceramic Park initiative. This is additionally supported by the Ceramic Valley Enterprise Zone – one of the UK’s 26 Enterprise Zones expected to create a further 9000 jobs.

A unique opportunity for the entire ceramic community to see the world’s leading ceramic manufacturers and suppliers, Ceramics UK will not only enable exhibitors to meet with existing and prospective clients alike, but also give them the opportunity to learn about the emerging markets and applications they can supply to.

High performance ceramic materials will be on display for the attendees of the exhibition, having been created to meet the needs of materials engineers in a multitude of fields. Thanks to the vast improvements in manufacturing techniques, previously too expensive or difficult to work with, technical ceramic materials are now a lot more accessible and versatile. What is more, the advent of additive manufacturing has brought further change and Ceramics UK will provide its visitors with access to the latest materials and experts who can assist them with their ongoing projects or material challenges.

Simultaneously, the show will also see the latest in traditional ceramic manufacturing techniques and energy saving processes. The significant growth of the UK market in recent years has seen a substantial increase in exports to new markets and, as a result of intensifying production, supply chain needs not seen in the country for decades have emerged.

“The show will bring together 200 suppliers and 100 speakers focused on advanced ceramics and technical glass, and will be visited by over 3000 suppliers and buyers,” Event Director, Alex Oliver points out. “Among the exhibitors, one will find world-leading companies from industries like testing, thermal treatment, furnaces and kilns, material handling, precision cutting, chemical supply, particle analysis, bulk material handling, and many more.

“To name but a few of the businesses that have already booked their stand at the event, CDS Group will be showcasing its cutting-edge solutions in ceramics drying, while Kyocera will be displaying its latest ceramic components for the electronics market. In addition, XJet will be present at the event, exhibiting its NanoParticle Jetting technology for ceramic additive manufacturing,” Alex says, providing us with a brief overview of the organisations that will be present in Telford during the two-day show. For the full list of exhibitors, please visit:

“With regards to the attendees, our pre-registered visitors include CEOs, material scientists, engineers, and buyers from OEMs and Tier 1 companies, operating in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, energy, construction, CNC, and defence,” he continues.

Ceramics UK is organised by Event Partners Ltd, whose combined experience of over 30 years in launching international trade shows in the high engineering and advanced materials industries is a guarantee for the exhibition’s success. Developed and launched in reflection of the UK’s growing ceramic manufacturing capabilities, one of the main highlights of the event will be its industry-leading four-track conference.

“The full programme will be announced shortly, but what we can tell you is that representatives from some of the leading organisations in the ceramics sector will be speaking, alongside key buyers including Johnson Matthey, Morgan Advanced Materials, the Faraday Institute, BAE Systems, BP, and the British Ceramics Confederation,” Alex lets out a little teaser of what we can expect from the conference, adding that energy waste in the ceramic manufacturing process and the need for recovery systems along with the ever-growing development and commercialisation of nanomaterials will be the two major topics at the conference.

One of the most exciting and unique elements about Ceramics UK is

that it will be co-located with the Advanced Materials Show, thus giving visitors and exhibitors the chance to learn how the wide spectrum of advanced materials can work together. “From technical ceramics to graphene, these two events will provide a platform for end users, supply chain, and manufacturers to look at innovation and developments on a commercial scale,” Alex observes.

In advising Ceramics UK’s attendees on how to approach the exhibition, he urges them to arrive early, so that they have enough time to visit every stand. “It also goes without saying that you have to make sure you attend as many of the sessions at the conference as possible. As a whole, I would say that the best thing about a trade show like ours, which is focused on advanced materials and emerging markets, is that you will always be surprised to see how many more interesting features there are to explore than you originally thought.

“To cap it all off, our key message to visitors is that if they are passionate about remaining competitive and innovative, Ceramics UK is the place to be, as the event will give them a direct route to solutions and materials they need for their applications. As the only trade show in Europe that is free to attend, they should definitely make best use of the opportunity to see some of the most prestigious organisations in the ceramics industry gathered in the UK,” he concludes.

Ceramics UK 2019
Venue: The International Centre, Telford
Dates: 10-11 July 2019
Exhibition hours:
Wednesday, 10 July 09:00 – 18:00
Thursday, 11 July 09:00 – 16:00
Exhibition website: