Paul Leibinger GmbH, manufacturer of continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers that mark products with information such as batch numbers, best-before dates and 2D codes, used the Motek 2018 trade fair in Stuttgart, to present an inkjet printer for industrial product marking that only consumes 20 watts of power – the JET3up. In fact, the printer is significantly more economical than many other printing systems.

“Through continuous research, we have succeeded in increasing our printers’ energy efficiency so that they consume only 20 watts – less than most light bulbs,” explains Christina Leibinger, Managing Proprietor of Paul Leibinger GmbH. The designers have used ingenious power-saving tricks such as energy-saving electronics and a design that eliminates the need for internal fans.

By comparison, systems that mark products with lasers and are widely used in the industry not only consume several hundred watts of power, but when engraving the products, they also produce ozone-containing flumes, which then calls for the operation of energy-hungry filter systems. “CIJ printers are therefore far more economical in terms of energy efficiency.”

Leibinger has also integrated a recycling system that reduces solvent consumption by 50%. The EcoSolv recycling system is integrated to the printer housing, and it condenses evaporated solvent from the printer exhaust air and returns it to the storage tank. This results in less volatile organic substances, less packaging waste and reduced consumables costs.

The EcoSolv recycling system is an optional feature for all Leibinger’s new CIJ models. And older models can be retrofitted. The retrofit kit contains the pre-assembled recovery system, which can be integrated into the devices with littl