£1bn technology boost
Innovate UK, which provides funding and support for business innovation, welcomed the significant announcement made by the Chancellor in August to provide five years of funding for the UK’s Catapult technology and innovation centres.

Dr Ian Campbell, Executive Chair of Innovate UK, said: “The announcement means our world-class network of Catapults can build on their success and continue helping thousands of businesses across the UK to undertake innovative R&D. This long-term investment will mean the Catapults can help deliver the Grand Challenges of the Industrial Strategy in their sectors and help the UK achieve its ambition to raise investment in R&D to 2.4% of GDP by 2027.”

Expansion plans
Ecolean, a global producer of lightweight packaging solutions for liquid food, is expanding. It has acquired a 30,000 square metre piece of land in Landskrona, Sweden to establish a new production facility. The increase in capacity is well needed to meet the liquid food industry’s demands for Ecolean’s lightweight and innovative packaging solutions. In the agreement, an additional 30,900 sqm can be obtained, when needed in the future. The new production facility will be located only 20 km south of Helsingborg, where the company’s headquarters and one of its existing production facilities are located.

Motoring forward
The Erwin Hymer Group Plant Capron, manufacturer of motorhomes, has commissioned Jungheinrich to expand the warehouse capacity at its production site in Neustadt, Saxony.

The Jungheinrich solution comprises a singleaisle racking warehouse for single-depth or double-depth storage. The rack operating equipment utilised in this expansion is from the Jungheinrich subsidiary MIAS, and has a load capacity of two tonnes.

The new in-house racking warehouse serves as a buffer for raw materials, purchased parts and auxiliary materials. Jungheinrich’s project-specific materials handling technology transports the special load carriers into Goods Receipt, Production and Goods Outward. The monitoring and control of the entire in-house material flow takes place via the Jungheinrich WMS. This ensures processreliable, transparent and efficient warehouse management.