Halifax-based Broadbent Stanley has formed a strategic agency agreement with Radar Industrial, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of CNC VTLs. The agreement will see Broadbent Stanley actively marketing and selling the Radar range in many markets, including the UK and Ireland, Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. “This is an exciting development for Broadbent Stanley and adds significantly to our existing portfolio of large capacity lathes, grinders and mills,” says Graham Thomas, Managing Director, Broadbent Stanley.

The Radar VTLs are available in three model designations, the RAL-12, RAL-16 and RAL-20 with maximum turning diameters ranging from 1500 mm through to 2400 mm and turning heights up to 1600 mm with a maximum workpiece weight of 13,000 kg on the largest machine. All three machines come as standard the Fanuc 0i-TF user friendly CNC system. As standard, the machines are equipped with a 12-position toolchanger, which can be increased to 18 on the optional M-specification machines, with nine of those positions being capable of handling driven tooling, powered by a 15 kW (max) motor with up to 2400 revs/min available for the live tooling. For the larger of the three machines the main rotating table is powered by a 45kW motor, with two speed ranges of 1 – 50 and 1 – 200 revs/min controlled via a high-torque (up to 23,750 Nm) gearbox.