Business transformation specialist and Integrated Business Planning pioneer, Oliver Wight, has unveiled a new global marketing campaign to reflect its leading philosophy; that business success is irrevocably linked to ambition. Les Brookes, CEO Oliver Wight EAME says: “To stay ahead of their competitors, business leaders need to strive towards achieving revenue growth, increased margins and greater market share, not just improving processes. In a recent Oliver Wight poll, 23% of managers said that improved forecast accuracy was the biggest benefit of their Integrated Business Planning process compared to just 7% for revenue growth. Which sort of begs the question, ‘What’s the point?’”

And the key towards sustainable success is the understanding that maintaining performance excellence is a constant endeavour led by a committed and passionate senior team. In this regard, Oliver Wight Asia-Pacific Managing Partner, Mike Reed believes that one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is the revolution in consumer behaviour. “Customer loyalty has become so much more difficult to generate and even harder to retain,” he explains. “The playing field is constantly changing but the rules remain the same; business excellence is ultimately about satisfying customers in the most profitable way. It’s what separates the best organisations from the rest.”

The new global campaign places a renewed emphasis on the need for support from a strong, ambitious leadership which fully understands the benefits business transformation can bring. “Creating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that simply becomes ‘the way you do things around here’ is a proven approach that will deliver results straight to the bottom line,” concludes Jon Minerich, President Oliver Wight Americas and the Chairman of Oliver Wight International.