Aston Martin contracts worth over £60 million are up for grabs to businesses across Wales following the Welsh Government’s decision to open up its Sell2Wales procurement channel to the luxury car maker. It is the first time that private sector contracts have been advertised on Sell2Wales and will ensure Welsh SMEs have easy access to the raft of contracts being awarded by Aston Martin for work linked to the preparation and commencement of production at its new St Athan site.

Aston Martin announced it had selected St Athan from 20 potential global locations in 2016, as part of a £200m investment in new products and facilities. The St Athan site is expected to employ 750 workers before 2020, with many more jobs in the local supply chain. It is estimated the move will bring economic benefits worth half a billion pounds to Wales.

Aston Martin contracts worth several million pounds have already been advertised on Sell2Wales for Phase I of work on the former MoD site, with Ammanford-based construction firm, TRJ being one of the main beneficiaries after securing the contract for phase 1 of Aston Martin’s initial work at St Athan.

Dr. Andy Palmer, President and CEO of Aston Martin said: “We are delighted to have made another significant step forward on our St Athan journey, as we develop the former MoD site to our new manufacturing facility. Being able to use the Sell2Wales procurement channel has enabled us to promote the various contracts we have to a wider audience within Wales and beyond.”