Manufacturing businesses in the UK need to unlock the Big Data held in their systems if they are to transform their supply chains and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. That’s the message from K3 Syspro – according the company’s Managing Director, Cathie Hall, manufacturing businesses need to think about their own business processes and make the best use of the data running through their supply chains to make faster, better decisions. Only then, are they in a position to successfully introduce new strategies to servitize, and embrace new trends as the sector approaches Industry 4.0.

She explained: “There are so many ways that manufacturers can use Big Data to their advantage, such as understanding customer buying patterns, increasing revenue by providing recommended products, or using Big Data to understand production efficiencies and find new ways of employing manufacturing technology to lower the cost of production. It can also be used in combination with other megatrends such as the Internet of Things, to transform the experience for the customer.

“If the sector is to truly embrace the possibilities of Industry 4.0, it needs to start by using data more efficiently and manufacturers must empower their people to correctly analyse and utilise Big Data. That will make for a very exciting, vibrant, and competitive industry.”